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 Dark Destiny Characters

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PostSubject: Dark Destiny Characters   Dark Destiny Characters EmptyTue Aug 18, 2009 4:43 am


Xaldin Karazaki - Main Character

Takeko- Xaldins new best friend
Kitatoyo- Xaldin (soo to be...) Girl friend
Asayuki- Kitatoyo's little brother
Hachiren- mysterious rogue of a character who pops in and out of
who shows up to provide information from time to time,
his allegiance is unknown (if he has any), and seems to be
helping xaldin in hopes of action and adventure. [could be
used for additional characters]
Yoshimarui- Xaldin's mentor, teaches Xaldin how to hold his own in a
fight, [could be used for additional characters]
Hashikei- Elderly Gentlman from the next province/country, Xaldin
helps him out by a chance meeting. Turns out to be a man of
ancient powers, himself dating past the beginning of the
current age.
Ikami- Xaldin's groupy, follows Xaldin around from time to time, needs
needs a lot of protecting, but isn't entirely useless, can find
objects that all other characters miss... worth protecting
Nokuro- Xaldin's childhood friend whom Xaldin fell out of contact
with. Xaldin finds him in the next country/province, as a
twisted disciple of Hashikei, Xaldin's endevours are an
attempt to reconvert Nokuro in this mini-arc.
Akibashi- General of Xaldin's province. He heads down to the province
after the fateful night of the attack and finds Xaldin. He
rescues Xaldin, and brings Xaldin up to speed on what has
happened. Teaches Xaldin some more combat techniques.
Luxia- The ever watching and silent observer, helps Xaldin out in his
quest in subtle ways, is in a companion of Hachiren, though
Luxia's quest is more noble.

---Bosses-- (UPDATED 6/22/09!!!!)

Xiax- Xaldins other half / leader of the Kagoshima
Alaria- Xaldin's older brother
Asgoth- Demon from the under world
Xamora- Xiax's older brother, later joins xaldin,to end his brother's activities in his
Zircon- xiax's lackey, out to prove himself
Valiah- joint heir of the underworld w/Asgoth
Farale- bounty hunter, hunting for the guy who destroyed the province
Xametheus- Master of the Dark Arts
Arabeth- confused master of light arts, tied up with Asgoth and Valiah arc
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Dark Destiny Characters
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