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 Dark Destiny Extra info

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I will add more..... I also listed Hidden info the player will have to find out about below the weapons list

Dark Destiny Weapons list

Training sword/ Shield
Attack: 7
Defense: 6

Given to Xaldin during the (Dream Stage) to teach the player basic movements
and attacks

Karazaki Blade
Attack: 12
Special: Enables the player to at a faster rate

A sword passed down threwout the Karazaki Family. Xaldin finds this sword while wondering around his Burning Village.

Defense: 9
A shield passed down threwout the Karazaki Family. Xaldin also finds this while wondering
around the village (unlocks full power of the Karazaki blade when both are equipt)

Morning Star
Attack: 14
Defense: 4
Special: Gives the player more Magic & Health by 15%

A staff made by the Great Wizard Kamosi (players will learn more about Kamosi Later)
Used to seal the Gate of the sprite world,Xaldin obtains this staff After the fight with Arabeth.

Death Star
Attack: 16
Defense: 6
Special: Enables the player ro summon Dark Xaldin

A staff also made by the Great Wizard Kamosi, use to seal the Gate of the Underworld
Xaldin can only obtain this weapon after the fight with Dark Xaldin in the underworld

Star of Mamoshi
Attack: 19
Denfense: 10
Special: Gives the player a 20% health raise,allows player to summon dark Xaldin
Player can throw this weapon to hit enemies,ative switches,pulls the player
across certain areas

staff used to seal away the hidden city of Mamoshi (player will leaarn
about Mamoshi at a later point). This weapon can only be obtained once
Xaldin (the player) fuses the morning & dark star.

Dark Destiny Hidden characters/worlds info


A great Wizard of the past, that was said to be an immortal god.
It was said that Kamosi was the true father of Xaldin & His brother
Alaric. which leads people to believe that Xaldin & Alaric may as
well be immortal. Kamosi was the creator of the hidden city known
Mamoshi. It was said that he died long ago after sealing the door to
the underworld & the sprite world. It is still unknown why.....

Dark Xora

Created by the Darkness in Xaldin's Heart after Xaldin finds his whole village slain.
Lives in the Underworld locked away forever......

City of Mamoshi

Founded by Kamosi and was once Xaldins True Home....The gate to Mamoshi was lock and hidden
when Kamosi went missing...It is unknown if there is any life stilling on the Lost City of Mamoshi

Extra Info

Xaldins True Name

While the player may only know Xaldin as Xaldin Karazaki. Xaldins true name was Xaldin Mamoshi
(After the hidden city). His last name was changed in order to protect him once his true father Kamosi
Went missing.

The Twins

many people know that Xaldin & Alaric are really twins. They don't
even know it (Since their memorie was wiped when they came to the
Karazaki Family). Since they are not identical most people
will never even know.

Xaldins/Alaric's unkown sister

& Alaric may not know that they have a sister (Memorie wipe) and
she may not even know she has 2 twin brothers (Memorie wipe also). The
truth is the 3rd child of Kamosi is Arabeth. Who is one of the newest
member of Xiax team. Arabeth was named after here mother who died while
giving birth to her.

The Parallels

Every knows about Xaldins Other Half Xiax. The truth was Arabeth & Alaric also had other halfs which
which were both killed long ago by their farther Kamosi....Xaldins was never killed due to his could
never be found...until now
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Dark Destiny Extra info
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