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 Guidelines for Submitting Works, Giving Reviews, and Asking for Reviews

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PostSubject: Guidelines for Submitting Works, Giving Reviews, and Asking for Reviews   Mon Jul 13, 2009 12:07 pm

These are some basic guidelines and rules.

Submitting Works:

Include in your subject the title of your work and a rating (if over G).
If your work is considered PG-13 or R, do not post it on this site. Give a link to the work on another site. For art you can use deviantart, original literature use, and fanfics use
Include a warning for your work in the actual body (before the work) if there is any. Warnings would include violence, death, gore, language, sex, nudity, etc.
Lastly, include a summary of the work if it is off of this site. That way people can know for sure if they want to read or look at it.

Asking for Reviews:

If you want a review, please put in your post "R&R". I know this means "Read and Review" and only would apply to Literature, but it's better than just having "R" for "Review" in your topic as this might lead to some believe it is an R rated work.
If you ask for a review and someone gives you a review you don't like, don't whine and complain about it. If it's slanderous or isn't constructive criticism, then get a mod/admin; we'll go from there.

Giving Reviews:

As a reviewer for a person's work, one must bring forth the good and bad in a work. Granted, there are some works that are really horrible and don't have anything good about them. This is where the term constructive criticism comes into place.
Constructive criticism is where you bring up the faults and may even say how that ruins or takes away from the story, but it also means that you need to tell them what they need to do to fix it. Just saying the work is a piece of crap and never bringing up how to fix what you perceive is an awful work will be considered inappropriate and will be removed.
Finally, if you don't like a particular type of work and are biased to that before hand, don't read it or, if you do read it, don't leave a review. It'll save some annoyance and will make you look better.

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Guidelines for Submitting Works, Giving Reviews, and Asking for Reviews
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