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 10 Things About You People Here Don't Know

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PostSubject: 10 Things About You People Here Don't Know   10 Things About You People Here Don't Know EmptyThu Jul 23, 2009 5:19 am

List ten true things about yourself that most of the people here don't know about. Simple enough, unless you talk a lot to everyone.

1.) I used to play the tenor sax and clarinet when I was in middle school, but I've recently sold them and now miss them; especially my sax.

2.) A sad figure I realized earlier this year is that I've been hit on by more guys (most joking) as compared to that of females (joking and serious).

3.) I for awhile had severe insomnia and didn't sleep for about a week, which caused a councilor at school to recommend that I be sent to a mental hospital instead of a proper insomnia clinic. Needless to say, I don't forget the experiencing of seeing kids (around five years old) hurting themselves, going berserk, having extremely low self-esteem, severe depression, and other mental problems. I felt like I was the most sane one there, even compared to the councilors who had both anger problems and suffered from narcissism (constant lying for you who don't know).

4.) I am a bowler and have plans to join the PBA and I currently have an average of 186.

5.) I love to learn useless information. In fact, I have a book full of useless information.

6.) The car I have that is considered mine is a 1991 Mercury Cougar; however, I usually drive in my mom's vehicle, '08 Ford Focus, and she drives in mine more often.

7.) About when I turned 18, which was August of last year, one of my friends wanted me to help him build a... uhm... site where adults can buy certain items. That didn't quite work, no one bought anything so neither of us got paid, and the site is currently down. I'm not quite sure if I'll be asked to work on the site again or if it'll come back. At least I thought I had a secret job for awhile.

8.) I was, for about a month, a slow-pitch softball umpire. Needless to say, I decided to quit after all of the people began to hate me, I was paired with my father and he was always late, and several other reasons. At least I made $17 a game (roughly a game an hour and four-six a week.)

9.) Just a little before I turned 18, I started to have dreams that almost seem to promote smoking. Ever since then, nearly all of my dreams have me smoking in them though I don't smoke in real life.

10.) Whenever I have a dream that I recall, I can actually feel everything in my dream like it is real. This even includes agonizing pain if something painful happens to me: getting shot, stab, tortured, etc. And no, I don't wake up with said harm inflicted on me like off of Nightmare on Elm Street. Though if that did happen, I would be freaked out for sure.

News Channel 666 is coming soon.

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PostSubject: Re: 10 Things About You People Here Don't Know   10 Things About You People Here Don't Know EmptyWed Sep 15, 2010 3:30 am

1) Nobody knows I still watch naruto shippuden, bleach, one piece, and all of them action packed tv series XD

2) Im a dancer and is going to audition for america's best dance crew.

3) My favorite sport is basketball

4) Favorite thing to do is map mmo's and play them as well

5) Attend the new england institute of art for media arts and animation

6) danced with the famous dancer russel ferguson. (won so you think you can dance)

7) * Met lella starr (porn star)* this is my favorite one lol

8 ) When i was in high school, i really had to go to the bathroom so without noticing, I walked into the girls bathroom and took a piss. A teacher walked in and suspended me thinking i was some kind of pervert XD

9) never really liked disney besides when i was like 3

10) this is actually one of my all time favorites. Believe it or not. My brother and I got into an argument and he slammed the bathroom door into the wall leaving a gaping hole in the wall. when i was checking out the hole there was a staircase leading to somewhere in the house. I told my father and we knocked down the wall. we went up the stairs to find that there was a suite case full of money and a small pile of guns. Of course you know parents. My dad reported it and it was all confiscated
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10 Things About You People Here Don't Know
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