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 (SnakeYukin) Freakin' Recast in a Machinima

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Post(SnakeYukin) Freakin' Recast in a Machinima

Yes, apparently I was recast in a machinima. No, it wasn't them emailing me to tell me I was being recast before I could get to the lines or even a little after I sent them... that would be the appropriate way of doing it.

What happened is I went onto someone's twitter account and saw that the machinima he was working on was finally out. I had remembered that I had been cast for that machinima and was surprised that he didn't tell me. It's not the biggest deal, I'm used to usually having to find out that on my own quite often.

So I click on the link to youtube and I read the comments before I begin to watch the movie as I usually do... to see if people hate my acting and everyone else's or not. The reviews were good and was surprised that the acting was so good. So I was relieved that at least the youtube community (why does it matter?) thought I did a good job.

So I begin to watch the video and I know that I only appear in the beginning. I think my character dies, but I'm not quite sure. All I know is I had three lines but I sent in 12 takes for the lines because he didn't like the voice he cast me to use. I know, when he originally recast me and then I got the role back but had to do different voice, I should have known something would happen.

Anyways, I begin to watch the machinima and it's almost time for my line to be delivered... my character is approaching... and then... the voice isn't mine. What a kick to the gut when you put in the time to audition for his machinima and go as far as to do 12 takes for three lines, meaning I sent in 36 lines, and you aren't put into the production.

However, I stayed optimistic. Perhaps the voice I did is one I'm not used to hearing, which has happened before. So I make sure the rest of the movie loads and I skip to the credits. And to no surprise, my name isn't in the credits as a voice actor nor is it credited in any form.

This isn't the first time he's pulled crap on me either. There was another time that he had completed a script for the entire series he planned to make a machinima of. I was the lead and had about 70 lines I believe. Needless to say, they took a decent amount of time to do.

No, he didn't recast. If he had recast me, I wouldn't have done anything else for him; especially after doing all of those lines. What happens is he puts out the video and, not long after he tells me it's out, he tells me he wants me to redo all of the lines and do three takes: doing 210 lines overall. The reason for this, people on youtube think I'm too emotional... which is something the director should have noticed when he listened to the line because when I listened to it, it was too emotional but at the time I didn't know that.

So what happens when I send in those 210 lines to him. Well, the lines for the first episode are never replaced, so that will be there for me to have a fond memory of. Second off, the rest of the lines are forever in limbo on my computer because he sent out a new script for the second and third episode... which were included in the original script. So lets say about 170 lines were never used and I had to do more lines for him. Needless to say, I felt like being a nice guy and helping him our for his new project and I was stupid for doing it.

Now, this is the third time I've been recast, that I know of. However, this is the only one that I never received a message from the person letting me know. All I know now is that I'm not going to be working with him again.

Sorry this was long and ranty. I had to do something to get it off my chest. Well, till next time, later readers.

News Channel 666 is coming soon.

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(SnakeYukin) Freakin' Recast in a Machinima

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